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Emergency Preparedness as a Managed Solution

Imagine the possibilities of hiring an On-Demand Emergency Manager for your facility’s Emergency Preparedness Program. Gain an advantage over your next CMS Survey with our managed solution. Our collective experience observing surveys allows us to keep ahead of the game.
One Year of Support
Full-Scale Disaster Exercise
Emergency Preparedness Training for Staff
Routine Survey Briefings
After Action Reviews & Improvement Plans

HELP Paradigm is the leading provider of Emergency Preparedness Solutions. Our managed service will provide your facility with expert guidance in Emergency Preparedness.

HELP Paradigm saw an unmet need in the market of Emergency Preparedness. Constantly evolving regulations and a world that’s becoming ever more hazardous by the day has forced companies into hiring Emergency Preparedness Coordinators. Employing qualified and educated staff in the field of emergency management is costly and time consuming. However, by contracting with HELP Paradigm to manage your program we will keep you ahead of changing regulations and help your organization avoid costly mistakes.

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