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Case Study Richfield

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Title: Navigating through a challenging EPP certification


Client: A Skilled Nursing Facility in Richfield, Ohio.


Problem: Client contracted our services in 2018 due to the 2017 implementation of CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements and needed their Emergency Preparedness Program and Plan completed before the next annual State survey.


Emergency Preparedness Program and Plan were in place when they had their survey; however, the surveyor had become a little stringent, and a plan that had been approved before now had a few ‘deficiencies’. The client contacted us about the ‘deficiencies’ and we quickly analyzed the discrepancy and provided the client with a statement of corrections and also the corrections.


Assessment: Client reached out to Help-Paradigm to debrief on their recent state certification survey. Client requested a phone call instead of an email. HP staff listened tentatively and took notes of clients’ concern. HP reassured client the plan of correction would be completed and all requirements would be met for annual recertification. Staff then awaited the official document and then began working on the problem right away.


Outcome: Client provided the plan of correction and the required documentation to the state surveyors and client then had any deficiencies from the Emergency Preparedness Program removed or restated. Client was pleased:


“Your timing is impeccable, Jennifer - I just heard back from them 20 minutes ago: the POC is approved.

Thank you again for your help in updating the policies - they seem to have been what they were looking for.” Statement from client.


Summary: The Skilled Nursing Facility in Richfield, Ohio hired us to assure their Emergency Preparedness Program and Plan would be in place so, not only were they prepared for an emergency/disaster, but they could also now pass their annual CMS recertification.


However, they did not pass their survey. The client was extremely upset and in disbelief on the follow up phone call (debrief) assuming they would need to start their program and plan all over. Staff calmly reassured client that was unnecessary and that the deficiencies would be corrected. Help Paradigm amended the program and plan to the surveyor’s approval and were quickly awarded the nursing facility’s EPPP certification.

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