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Hazard Mitigation Planning

Looking to avoid the typical "cookie cutter" Hazard Mitigation Plan? You've come to the right place!

HELP Paradigm strives to make the hazard mitigation plan a meaningful planning document rather than a requirement that simply needs to be submitted to FEMA for approval.


Flooding in southern Stark County, Ohio - February 2018

One of the most direct benefits and motivating factors for communities to prepare and adopt a hazard mitigation plan or integrate this into their comprehensive plan is maintaining their eligibility to pursue pre-disaster and post-disaster grant funding assistance for mitigation projects. 

What makes HELP Paradigm unique is our approach. We provide Emergency Management as a managed solution, and our staff, becomes your staff. Our integrated solutions allow us to seamlessly mesh with your organization. We've adapted to the planning cycle by inserting ourselves when we're most needed. We will dedicate a planner to your project with weekly site visits, all you have to do is clear off a desk so we can work! So, rather than employing a full-time planner we will dedicate a contracted staff member to your organization for continuity sake, but on an as needed basis saving both time and money.

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