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Risk Assessments

Safeguard your most valuable assets.

To maintain profitability, companies need to stay fully operational at all times. That’s why companies turn to HELP Paradigm’s team of experts for Comprehensive Risk Assessments. Our global resources allow us to fully analyze and evaluate critical situations.

Our risk assessment consulting and risk analysis programs are based on industry best practices and performed by knowledgeable experts trained in the field of risk assessment. Each risk assessment seeks to the following basic tasks:

  • Identify the specific assets that need to be protected. This can include company employees, proprietary information, money, manufactured goods, reputation, supply chain and more.

  • Identify and quantify the types of risks that could identify the assets.

  • Determine the criticality of each potential risk event. In this sense, we define criticality as the product of probability of occurrence multiplied by the impact of the event on the company. When criticality is properly measured organizations can be assured that only cost-justified security measures will be implemented.

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