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Healthcare Facilities


Assess Risks | Implement Solutions | Maintain Compliance

HELP Paradigm's Annual Services Package

Ensure your facility's compliance with CMS | OSHA | Ohio Department of Health

Our services are also instrumental in maintaining your CMS Five-Star Quality Rating

Emergency Operations Plan
Annual Disaster Drills

Our Emergency Operations Plan is a cost-effective annual program that keeps your facility current and updated with preparedness policies and procedures. Our Plan provides:

  • Risk mitigation

  • Reduced liability

  • Emergency solutions at your finger tips


Don't risk losing your CMS Star Rating, VA funding or Preferred Provider status from reputable hospitals.

HELP Paradigm's proprietary EOP is state surveyor friendly and will keep you safe and compliant.

Preparedness for possible disasters is taken very seriously in recent years. HELP Paradigm's Disaster Drills are designed and implemented specifically for your unique facility and staff. Trainings include:

  • Fire extinguisher training

  • Hazardous materials spill

  • Active shooter drill

SNFs are often emotionally charged environments where the unexpected can happen. HELP Paradigm will keep your staff ready to respond with proper procedures and training.

ODH Emergency Preparedness Survey Debrief

ODH surveys are time consuming, frustrating, and often confusing. HELP Paradigm talks directly with the administrator to get clarity on post survey results and the most efficient way to ensure your compliance moving forward. 

HELP Paradigm keeps updated on new criteria and shares it with you - especially how it affects your unique facility and its latest survey results. 

What our clients are saying...

" We hired Steven Foss from HELP Paradigm to institute our emergency preparedness program for the new regulations put forth by CMS. Steven came in and provided staff training, completed our manual, gave in-services and provided us with real-life training. I feel because of Steven, we are more prepared for an emergency than ever. Thank you for all you help."

John / Director of Regulatory Compliance & Resident Assessment, EnnisCourt Lakewood, OH


About HELP Paradigm

Steven Foss, CEO, emergency management professional

Steven Foss, former Emergency Planner for the Stark County Emergency Management Agency, founded HELP Paradigm in 2017 to fill the need for cost-effective outsourced Emergency Preparedness Management for skilled nursing facilities.

Steven has used his experience and relationship with county and state government officials to build HELP Paradigm's reputed team of disaster management experts and proprietary compliance procedures. Team skills were honed with federal agencies, state, and local homeland security, and emergency leadership positions. HELP Paradigm's on-demand emergency management solutions begin with disaster risk and vulnerability assessments, followed by options and countermeasures for mitigating the threats.

Recent Case Studies
Navigating through a challenging state survey

May 30, 2022

Client: A Skilled Nursing Facility in Richfield, OH

Problem: Client contracted our services in 2018 due to the 2017 implementation of CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements and needed their Emergency Preparedness Program and Plan completed before their next annual survey.

Emergency Preparedness Program and Plan were in place when they had their survey, however, the surveyor had become a bit more stringent and cited the facility for not being able to reference the plan properly. The client contacted us about the 'deficiencies' and we quickly analyzed the discrepancies and provided the client with a corrective action plan for them to relay to ODH.                                   Read more

Saving Ambulatory Surgical Center from CMS Revocation

February 22, 2022

Client: An Ambulatory Surgical Center in Newark, OH

Problem: This facility was found to have numerous deficiencies during their annual Ohio Department of Health (ODH) survey and ODH moved for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revocation unless an approved plan of correction was instituted. A CMS revocation would have terminated this facility's source of funding, virtually ensuring the loss of their business.

Assessment: HELP Paradigm was retained to evaluate their situation and to create an effective Emergency Preparedness Program for their ASC. 

Outcome: Our systematic      Read more

Maintenance Administration Program

Employee churn is costly and adds an unwelcome distraction to business operations. With our Maintenance Administration Program, (MAP), you will gain an industry expert in maintenance operations. Our program creates a playbook that lays out the necessary Life Safety tasks for any maintenance worker to follow.

Can't afford an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator?

Margins are tight with SNFs and chances are, you don't need a dedicated EPC.

HELP Paradigm provides you with unprecedented EP expertise at affordable, outsourced annual pricing. With HELP Paradigm you'll enjoy:

  • Risk mitigation

  • Significant cost savings by outsourcing

  • Reduction in liability

  • Business continuity - We're always here for you

  • ODH Surveyors know us and our work

  • Hiring us tells the surveyor you take these requirements seriously

Let HELP Paradigm help your facility

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